In the City of Alago Dun
(August 21, 2003)

The city of Alago Dun was built to be a beacon of equity for all the world. For this reason, its builders began their work atop the grave of one of the Ancient Gods who loved justice, and that long-dead power granted the city a unique boon.

In Alago Dun, any person killed without cause returns from death. They return as revenants, not truly alive — dead gods do not work live miracles — but they get by as best they can.

Despite these noble beginnings, the prisons of Alago Dun are full and its courts empty. Its laws are not so harsh, nor its judges cruel, but almost every prisoner begs the inquisitors to be imprisoned without a trial.

For the judges of Alago Dun are men, not gods. And it has become the habit of the courts of Alago Dun, in those cases where the truth is cloudy, to turn the defendant over to the headsman and let heaven be the judge.

Those who return are acquitted, of course.