Impression: Hunan Chili: OK

102 Castro Street
Mountain View

I’ve relocated again, and now I’m working on Castro Street, where restaurants are like optimistic lemmings, cheerfully poinging toward swift oblivion. Thus, more reviews which will likely soon be moot. (Incidentally, KoKo Express┬áhas now been replaced by Toust. I never went.)

Anyway, I had a yen for Chinese today at lunch, and I got the broccoli beef lunch special at Hunan Chili*. Because I got it to go, I missed out on the soup and ice cream. However, it did come with an egg roll and steamed rice.

The egg roll was really unremarkable. I have nothing bad to say about it, but I wouldn’t have missed it. Similarly, they make a perfectly serviceable heap of steamed rice. The broccoli beef, meanwhile, was OK. The beef was fine — not rubbery or chewy, but I’m not rhapsodic over its quality. The broccoli was maybe a tad overdone. The sauce had that sort of dark taste that suggests a little much soy sauce for my taste. Overall, I wouldn’t refuse to eat there again, but I won’t be in a hurry to return.

*I had a typo here that said Human Chili. I really hope never to write that review.

(Editor’s Note: Hunan Chili survived until 2013, so I guess I didn’t give it enough credit.)

Originally published on Tournedos