June 2021 in Review

I posted 13 pieces in June.

Several of them looked at issues in game design, from my review of the Two Towers console game to my thoughts on stealing game dynamics from digital games for use in tabletop RPGs to some reflections on playtesting to my ideas on Negotiated Chess. I also posted two new entries in the Aesthetics of Play series: The Trouble with Taxonomy and Sports and Spectacles.

I posted Bounded in a Nutshell, Kings of Infinite Space, a capsule world about brains in jars with vast psychic powers, and Gods as Beings Outside Their Influence, a meditation on divine portfolios.

I also posted a pair of reflections on the long tail of Five Geek Social Fallacies: Fifteen Minutes and Counting, and Reflecting on a log. I also posted an unrelated reflection on nerd culture, Sometimes the mainstream is shallow.

Finally, I posted two more installments of my Holistic Technology column: Whaddya Mean I Hate My Computer and Myths of the Modern Age.