Weekly Update 2/27/21

This week I posted seven new pieces:

Taqueria el Castillito – I’m a little scared of the lengua.

Uplift in heroic fantasy worlds – I’m sure the beholders will be happy to field your complaint.

The Trouble-Stones of the Pherissai – a world-shard about misfortune and recycling.

Bristol Farms Breakfast Bar – melancholy in my heart, and an inexplicable hunger in my gut.

The Bestiary of Stupid: The Clich – Phylactery? I hardly know he!

Food Review: Tacos El Grullense – Probably the carnitas, though.

Coda to an Age of Heroes, Episode 9 – Finally some action in this dull-ass tale.

Weekly Update 2/20/21

This week I posted seven new pieces:

Bachelor Cuisine: Kielbasa – swollen and juicy, with a pleasant note of beery bitterness.

The Parable of the Secret Talent – it’s a stupid parable anyway, pass the jug.

Gypsy’s Trattoria – I’ve long wanted a pasta equivalent of the burrito joint.

Ghulhunds, and other dungeoneering breeds – The f***ing dog always checks for f***ing traps, it’s literally the meaning of its existence!

Henry’s – discretion with the mayonnaise.

Book Review: Checkpoint by Nicholson Baker

Coda to an Age of Heroes, Episode 8 – Opportunity knocks.

Weekly Update 2/13/21

This week I posted seven new pieces:

Goood Frikin Chicken – the title says it all, really.

The Dwarven Lands – Compulsive building has its uses. And its consequences.

US Chinese Food – Better than Default Chicken, I guess.

I take a certain amount of pleasure in my notes – This namespace isn’t big enough for the two of us.

Burger Joint – full of that elemental heft.

Skelebear – it is weird how children’s media and horror so often run up in close proximity.

Coda to an Age of Heroes, Episode 7 – Everybody loves shopping!