Impression: Taqueria Can-Cun: Recommended

3211 Mission Street
San Francisco

Taqueria Can-Cun is basically across the street from my new apartment; as a result, it has become my default quick restaurant. If I don’t want to cook, I can always nip across the street for a burrito. My usual choice is a regular burrito with grilled chicken ($3.80) on a wheat tortilla (80 cents extra). I think the wheat tortilla is worth it, both because I like to eat whole wheat when I can and because Can-Cun grills their tortillas, which renders a white tortilla a bit dry and flaky for my tastes. The wheat tortilla retains more chew through the grilling process. As I’ve mentioned before, I like a relatively dry burrito, and Can-Cun’s are very much to my taste. The burrito is hefty, and holds together well through the last bite. The meat is spicy and tasty — just on the edge of being a bit too rich for me. The meal comes with a big handful of pretty tasty chips, and two salsas. One is a nice pico de gallo-type salsa which I eat with the chips; the other is a hot green salsa which I leave be.

I’ve also had the plain quesadilla ($2.50), which is good but unremarkable. I should try some more of the meats. Plus, they have the dread alambres.

Originally published on Tournedos