A very small flu

This morning, my older son pulled one of his stock shenanigans by deciding that he no longer wanted to eat his carefully planned and negotiated toast sticks with butter and jam because I was also going to make some for his brother, and indeed that he was no longer going to eat anything at all for breakfast. I told him that it is extremely frustrating when he launches his impromptu breakfast boycotts, and I wish he wouldn’t do it. He looked pensive for a moment, and then explained that during the night, a “very small flu” gets into his brain, and makes him act that way, but that after some exercise, he would be all right. He then did a few rounds of calisthenics, proclaimed the flu defeated, and agreed to eat his toast.

I assume that pleading the insanity defense is some kind of development milestone, but I can’t imagine where it would be listed.

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