Impression: KoKo Express: OK

2433-F Durant Avenue (inside Sather Lane)
Berkeley, CA

I had a review half-written about a really dismal hole in the wall called Sumo Burger which made some mighty grim teriyaki chicken worthy of my second Not Recommended label. However, it folded before I finished. Its storefront is now filled by KoKo Express, which has a similar menu, but better decor.

I had a cheeseburger ($4.00), with onion rings and a drink ($1.99; it’s a combo special). Their cheeseburger is fine, but not exceptional. They use shredded cheese instead of a slice, which is unusual, and they use a lot of it. The onion rings are pretty good — very oniony, with a light crunchy breading.

They have a happy hour deal, whereby you can get various snack-type things for $1.99 — chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, and “macaroni noodle with ham”, among others. I haven’t tried them, but it looks interesting.

Originally published on Tournedos