Update 3/28/21

My apologies for the impromptu hiatus. Since the last update, I posted twelve new pieces:

You Think Too Much – a cosmology of magic for GURPS.

The Proceedings of the Rock Springs Society – a setting element for GURPS Deadlands.

Dinosaur Mind – I can’t figure all those critters out.

What’s Wrong With This Machine? – the problem is that people hate their computers.

Los Panchos – Life is too short to eat bad Salvadorean food.

Alternate Alchemies – sometimes the quintessential balsamic solution is just the vinegar.

Birthright and the Canonical Adventure – what do we *do* in this game, anyway?

Thoughts on the GSL – I have opinions about copyright and RPGs.

The Awesome Power of Combined Nerdiness

More Birthright – Somewhere out there, someone has run a Birthright/Dark Sun crossover. I bet it was awesome.

Larkin Express Deli – when bottled soda is past its prime, something ain’t right.

Biryani Chapati – A restaurant just broke my heart.