Weekly Update 1/29/21

This week I posted eight pieces:

Reflections on Complexity in Game Design – some personal terms of art

Taqueria Can-Cun – a review of a place where I ate many, many burritos. I also posted a guide to my food review terminology.

VIFF Immersed – the VR offerings at last year’s Vancouver International Film Festival, and what they made me think about the affordances of 3DOF film.

Cream, God Damn It – there’s more than one kind of nude.

A tale of regional friction – about East Coast/West Coast beef. It seemed topical.

Valazdal the Undying – a world-shard about the tyranny of immortality, and the immortality of tyranny.

Jack and the Mountain and the Stinky Cheese – a bedtime story

Coda to an Age of Heroes, Episode 5 – our heroes look for a job.