Ah, internship

So today closes my third week interning at the EFF. (I’m not working tomorrow because I’m going to be taking part in a study at NASA.) Happily, I appear to be wildly exceeding everyone’s expectations and blowing people away with my overdelivery. The downside is that this is largely because my work consists mostly of checking OCRed documents for accuracy and uploading them to a database. For variety, I look at websites and copy addresses into an Excel spreadsheet. It’s mildly novel, but not exactly stretching me to my limits. I suspect I may be the best-qualified buttmonkey they’ve ever had. My supervisors all seem mildly perplexed as to what to do with me.

Alas, these are the wages of my dilettantistic twenties. I’ve done a lot of neat things, and I have a whole lot of interesting (if random) skills, but I’m not really equipped for anything requiring much depth of expertise. I am, to borrow a gaming metaphor, that guy who multiclassed too much and picked feats because they looked neat, and is now feeling a little less than useful in the dungeon.

So, I’m putting in my time now. Besides, training myself to withstand excruciating tedium can only be useful in the next few years.

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