August 2021 in Review

Lots more stuff this month than in July!

I posted some reflections on nerdish social dynamics, with Nitpicking and the fannish tithe, Fanboys and scientific realism, and Social Science and the Popular Kids.

I posted some thoughts about the theory of gameplay and game design with Aesthetics of Play: Masquerade, Deter behavior by making it unfun, and a couple of reflections on the experience of being a freelance game designer with Mmm…beef and Suggestions for the Beginning and Intermediate Freelancer.

There were some memories of my days as a bookseller with Friday night and patent leather Manolos, Stuff involving Me and Books, Another week in the Book Mines, and Equal Time

I wrote about 2000s politics in Consumption, Monopoly, and Protected Classes, Privatization woes, The Company You Keep, and OBAMA IZ A ISLAMOMUSLIM!!!!1!!!

And also about a moment in M.A.R. Barker’s The Man of Gold that I enjoyed.